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Lamai Hotel

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The new and improved Lamai Hotel Rooms caters 42″ Widescreen Plasma TV, Desktop Computer with Internet Connection, Printer and Wi-Fi signal covering the whole premises. We use High Speed Internet Fiber Optics 10/10 Mb to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Innovation is also present in the New and Improved Lamai Hotel. You can use the 42″ Widescreen Plasma TV to watch movies played on the DVD player or just connect it on the Desktop Computer to give better view on browsing pictures, surfing the internet, Google, Yahoo, MSN, watching live sports, reading news etc. The Computer with webcam and microphone can be used for video conferencing. Meet and greet your friends and relatives in just one click away! You will feel at home in our New and Improved Lamai Hotel. You can also send and receive your work from the office while having your holiday vacation!

Hotel accommodation located in Phuket, Thailand.

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