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Laksameenarai Guesthouse

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Adjacent to Khao San Road in “Trok Mayom” there is a one beautiful house hidden away since 130 years ago from generation to generation, after our realize the value then we decided to renovated this house for all of you to touch the beauty of Thai Home under name “Laksameenarai Guesthouse”

Laksameenarai Guesthouse is a gingerbread house with hipped roof. It is decorated with carved wood many parts of the house -the eave, vents and baluster. The style is influenced by the British Victorian houses from England, which become prevalent in Thailand during the reign of King Rama Fourth when many foreigners came to take important part in Thailand. The style of the palace, temple and the merchant houses had followed the Victorian style trend. The first well-known gingerbread building are “Dusit Palace and Vimanmek Palace.

Nowadays, the gingerbread houses are rare to see because they require continuous renovation, which incur high maintenance cost. The delicate artisan gingerbread style has become increasingly rare because of difficulty in its conservation.

Our guesthouse is proud to be the place that brought you back into the classic old Siam style. We are glad to take your journey into the great experience of old time of Siam through the unique architecture and atmosphere. Especially for our special guest like you.

Hotel accommodation located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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