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Greensleeves Medieval Kingdom

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Medieval Feasts

At Greensleeves you’ll recapture the authentic excitement, the pageantry and medieval splendour – the roisterous bawdy thrill of feasting as they did in good King Henry’s days.

Come and thrill to the songs, stories, and rollicking bawdy fun of the Baron and his Minstrels and join in the choruses.

You’ll be addressed as Milord and Milady, and entertained right royally. Call “Wench!” for more ale!!!

The helpings are splendid and served with great ceremony and are a mouth-watering fare, all brought by Wenches and Lackeys in period costume, with a flourish of trumpets!

Since 1974 Greensleeves has entertained well over a million visitors from all over the world.

Sunday Lunches

Our Sunday Lunches provides the family with a day outing into one of South Africa’s World Heritage sites “The Cradle of Humankind”. Being apart of “The Cradle” has allowed for no further development, leaving it one of Johannesburg’s last Countryside’s to explore and enjoy.

It is a different day out and whether you sit outside in our beautiful gardens or in the feasting chamber you are in for a delightful treat from our Friar Tucks Menu, which caters for all.

Our Knight Trencher Patters allows you to order from our Famous Spit Roast Chickens to Peri Peri Lm Prawns and even a little bit of Crispy Pork Belly done on our rotisserie. Also don’t forget our Chargrilled Roast Sirloin is also up for the taking. You will with no doubt have a right royal feast. To wash it all down, we have 8 craft beers on tap and fine wines from the Cape.

Merlin’s Costume hire will be open if you wish to dress up on the day.

We are kid friendly and have a jungle gym for their entertainment


Escape to the tranquility of the countryside and book a FRIAR TUCK’S PICNIC BASKET of delicious treats, bring a rug, and enjoy a picnic on the lawns of our beautiful gardens or in the Royal Orchard. Bring the children to see the numerous weapons displayed in the feasting halls and the Knight’s Armour.

Restaurant and Bed and Breakfast located in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa.

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