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Dara Hotel

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Dara Hotel

Dara Hotel is a new 4 stars boutique hotel in Phuket only a few minutes walk away from bustling shopping centers, entertainment venues and dining areas, located in the hub of shopping and tourism in the island. You’ll get easy access to the island’s famous attractions, such as the Phuket old town and Central Festival Phuket. Commute to sandy beaches, tropical island golf courses and relaxing spas in only half an hour or less.

Dara Hotel, derived from the word “dara” which means “star,” is a place where you can feel the thrilling ambiance of a movie set and feel like a superstar. The hotel’s stylish design is inspired by a movie studio theme that features loft scenery, brick, pine wood, and shades of black and white. Each room also showcases beautiful, original hand-processed photos created through black-and-white film processing in a darkroom.

The lobby display art pieces featuring the island’s world-famous tin mining, which helped shape the economy of Phuket in the 16th century. Feast your eyes on the walls of the interior, where you’ll see unique art pieces that exhibit historical tin mining, local lifestyle and popular movies shot in Phuket and nearby areas.

Dara Hotel will ensure comfort and quality service so you can enjoy superstar accommodation and a memorable holiday experience. If you’re an art lover, a photography enthusiast or a movie aficionado looking for something new and exciting, Dara Hotel is the place to be.

Hotel accommodation located in Phuket, Thailand.

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