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Baan Kachitpan Bangkok

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“Baan Kachitpan” was built in 1939 (before World War II) by Grandfather Wat and Grandmother Wean Jutabha when Khun Kachitpan Thaipejr (Jutabha) was just 12 years old and studying in the Benjamarachalai School near the Giant Swing during the school’s centennial.

“Baan Kachitpan” will take you away to the blooming love story between a young lady and a young engineer who lives next door who were friends since high school days. This love story entails naval hand signals between the two so they could meet at Sanam Luang. As fate would have it, their love grew steadily into a love between the young lady in studying in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science and the young man studying in the Faculty of Engineering, in the same university – the Chulalongkorn University – the oldest University in Thailand that will be celebrating it’s Centennial in 2017.

“Baan Kachitpan” has lovingly preserved the beautiful memories of the traditional Thai marriage ceremony and the loving days of the married couple that started during the Premiership of Field Marshal Plaek Pibulsongkramth in 1955. It has since been infused and enhanced with the love of family, relatives, and camaraderie among friends who regularly frequent the house with love and friendship.

“Baan Kachitpan”, also the residence of a lady of 89 years, will imprint in your memory the rich history of the Rattanakosin Era through her life-long dedication to societal contribution solely to serve the nation, the religious faith, and the royal monarchy.

“Baan Kachitpan” will also reflect the normal everyday living of common Thai families, their daily routines in the local markets of the Tuek Din Community of the Din Sor Road. The reason why it is called Tuek Din (Powder Building) is because long ago there was a building on the corner of the Din Sor Road that was used for storing gunpowder. Near by is the Trok Silp (Silp Road), so called because long ago, the headquarters of the Fine Arts Department used to stand here.

“Baan Kachitpan” has been loving and meticulously brought back to its original beauty and glory of a Rattanakosin Era house. The small running cracks in the woodworks on the ceiling and between the floor planks are still there as a wonderful and loving reminder of memories of the long and rich history of this 77-year-old house.

Hotel accommodation located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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